Good old Destiny. Seeing how half of my friend list is playing The Division right now I don’t see the need to play Destiny. That will soon change (hopefully) with the new April update that will be coming 4/12/2016. Here is a list of things to come

  • New content will be available to players of Destiny: The Taken King
  • The King is dead, but the Taken War rages on in our Solar System
  • Variks the Loyal has a renewed call to arms to battle Taken foes
  • Guardians will face new challenges through new Quests, Bounties, and Strikes
  • Maximum Light is being raised to 335, with many new ways to level up
  • Prison of Elders has a new Level 41 mode to empower you reach 320
  • Challenge of Elders is a new Level 42 scored mode to empower you to reach 335
    • Players who achieve High and Cumulative scores are guaranteed Weapons and Armor
    • Challenge of Elders rewards have up to 335 Light, depending on your power

Every Wednesday the good folks of Bungie will be having a sneak peak leading up to this new update that will be in my opinion trying it’s best to stay relevant. Especially how Destiny is set up things can get “repetitive” quite easily. With the promise of reaching a higher light level and extra new swag is always an appealing factor. Here is live gameplay footage of the New Prison of Elders:

Yeah I know the feed is pretty long but to grab the important pieces from that is this. The Prison of Elders upgraded for high level players…(which is everyone basically) and for those who didn’t do the Raid can get to the desired light level. To be honest this is a good idea. I didn’t enjoy the Oryx Raid. Some of my best times with Destiny was with the Prison of Elders and the Main Missions. The Raid was just to get that cool swag. Also New missions with the same old levels. Just a different spin to it. For example instead of Fallen enemies we have Taken Fallen enemies. Not new really but hopefully with more info to come one can only hope that isn’t final.

So the road to the new update is laid out. More info will come and we will see how things will shape up for the game that once consumed my time. Only time will tell. Will we venture back in the world of Destiny? Have you left for another game because things got stale? Well one thing is for sure Destiny isn’t going down just yet.

Looking forward to the new swag!!!
Looking forward to the new swag!!!