Nothing brings comic book lovers more joy than cross over episodes. We see how The Flash and Arrow constantly getting that fan love. So what else can we do to make things more epic in the DC Universe? Supergirl and The Flash!


Ah Supergirl… I remember watching the premier at New York Comic Con and thought…..this will suck. Thank God I was wrong. They did everything right. Stick close to the comic universe. Also Martian Man Hunter….YES!

Not gonna spoil it for ya… This is a spoiler free review if you haven’t seen the episode. Following from the previous episode of Supergirl she isn’t the number one fan of the people right now. After being touched by that red kryptonite she went AWOL. So she is doing everything possible to regain the trust of the people.

Then to make matters worse a new villain is brewing up in the mix. Don’t worry Supergirl got The Flash to help her with this new threat. Expect some cheap shots from Cat Grant. Also don’t be shocked to see who will win in a race between the Flash and Supergirl….

You know I repping #teamflash
You know I repping #teamflash

This episode paved the way for more great things to come in the DC Universe. If you are not a fan of Supergirl ( Like me..) I say at least watch this one especially if you are a fan of the Flash.


Now if only DC Legends of Tomorrow can learn from this and stop the madness… Although I heard they will be doing a cameo of Talia Ghul! Yep! I didn’t mis typed that. Maybe there is some hope for this series…. Here is a tease trailer

Jonah Hex, Talia Ghul (as a child but still!) and what seem to be Atom Bots! Look like they pulling all the stops for this series that I personally ain’t been paying attention to. Not fond of the idea with the Doctor Who Time Lord thing. I love some Doctor Who but…..will give it another go.