Naruto Yes still Fluff Episodes 455 Review

What a gwan! Yep I left Naruto MONTHS ago and say let me check back and see if they are still showing fluff. YES. Still showing fluff. So just to bring everyone up to speed…. (episode number) is the last episode of the main arc. That was (insert date here) which brings us to where we are now. The fluff we looking at right now is Itachi. Yes who done deadand was brought back and then died again Itachi. So you ask me why do a review now? Well to be honest I have a soft spot for Naruto. Although this is pure BS to be watching so much fluff episodes I still come back like a hooker to a pimp. So we all know the story to Itachi…


Losing his best friend and carrying the burden of his village on his shoulders really brings the darkside in ya. Nothing new here. This story been beaten to death like a million times. The twist now is we seeing it from his eyes. Bearing his pain from his perspective. For example there was a scene where he met his father in the streets and showed him through a genjutsu what he envisioned for the clan. Now what is epic was his father was able to use a shadow clone while using his mangekyou eyes without itachi the wiser. Even he knew his father would of been problems to fight. Yet he submitted to the plan and he done see how Itachi pain would of been great. While his would only last for a second. DEEP.


Yep so all in all it is the same story we all know. I am totally amazed that they are really dragging this story out. I mean seriously what else can they talk about. We all know the hardship Itachi went through to keep his brother safe. Although it was stupid and inadvertently made Sasuke hate the village even more. Will see how this story plays out. Maybe we will see a side of Itachi we never got a chance to see. Maybe he had a side ting and got a love child. That would be epic. Anyway if you haven’t given up on Naruto don’t worry you ain’t missing out of anything.

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