Naruto Shippuuden 456 Review

Hey fellow Naruto fans. I know most of us kinda already gotten tired of these fluff arc episodes and could do without them. Yet here we are with Itachi getting his turn with the fluff. Now I won’t lie these episodes are pretty cool. Anything with Itachi is a watch in my book. Seeing his side of the story is worth the time.

So so we have Itachi kicking it with the Akatsuki. He is teamed up with Juzo. After being branded as a rogue ninja from the Hidden Leaf he sets out on his quest to keep a promise to Sasuke that he didn’t even tell him about because he thought he wouldn’t understand. We all know how that went. Epic fail. Either way we see him battling it out with the three tails Jinchuuriki. I think that is when he used the black flames for the first time. Although he is branded as a rogue ninja he isn’t a man without honor.

Then we come to a familiar scene when Itachi is confronted by orochimaru. All I can say he wasn’t ready lol! Lucky for him his love sponge Kabato came to his rescue. Prayerfully we don’t have to see a fluff arc with Kabato again….

Personally I hope they don’t drag his arc to long. We all know how his story goes. Keep the faith fellow Naruto fans. The end is near.

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