The wonderful world of One Piece. Since Naruto like pissing me off I strayed away once again and did a nice Sunday afternoon binge marathon. I had a lot of catching up and oh boy was it awesome! Let me do a little backdrop so far cause so much happened in these last bit of episodes in this epic arc.

We have Doflamingo going head to head with Luffy. As we learned that Doflamingo has the whole island in his bird cage. Everyone is fighting to keep the very fine needles from crushing them. All of the luietenants are out cold. All eyes on Luffy to save the day.

I must say Luffy fourth gear is epic. He lay down Doflamingo on he back. That is a fight that you must watch from the beginning. So let’s fast forward to episode 736.

With th all that happened Sabo made his return and to honor his brother’s death he wields the flare flare devil fruit. Berg being defeated had one last thing to say to Sabo. He just couldn’t let it go. He started to poke at Sabo by jeering about Ace’s death. Now we know this is like a momma joke gone bad. I done see this man wanna catch his death.

During that conversation we see how much Sabo missed out on and couldn’t join his brothers in the fight to save Ace. So as we island man does say when ting na mek sense. Fire pon dat! That is exactly what Sabo did. The man try to kill Sabo and he lit the man on fire. Disintegrate the man from existence.

All the while we see Fujitora bowing apologizing for the error the government caused the people of Dressrosa. This is a huge deal. This act was televised and sent to the whole new world. This even messed with the higher ups for the world government. To go even more deeper once the word got out that “Joker” was taken out all the other pirates and war lords plans had to be shifted. Talk about the butterfly effect.

On to the next episode we have Sabo giving his story. Alot of things was revealed and more importantly we finally got a peek of what I think may be the powers of Luffy’s father Dragon. Wind type devil fruit? All I know is that Sabo had his hands full with training. Not to mention not having his memory gave him the time to focus on just becoming more stronger. I am sure if he had to worry about his brothers he would of probably been in all kinds of trouble.

One Piece always know how to keep you coming back for more. The next episode will continue with Sabo giving us a deeper insight to his life and his resolve. also we get to see that emotional moment when Luffy met him for the first time at the colosseum. Stay frosty till the next episode!!