So while I was surfing the net I came across something that eluded me. I remember this show from back in my Cartoon Network days. Now I am talking way…. before “Adventure Time” type of cartoons. I am talking “Samurai Jack” and “Dexters Lab” days. When cartoons actually was enjoyable.

This cartoon the Powerpuff Girls was one of those cartoons that was iconic for its time. The theme for these cartoons have a new adult type twist like the other cartoon network type cartoons. Yet still trying to keep it kid friendly. Yet they forgot what made it so special was the villains.

Who can forget Mojo Jojo.

Not to mention “Him”

So what do I think about this new version of the Powerpuff girls… Such cartoons are suppose to be left as legends. Not to tarnish the good memory of once said cartoon. Instead we have this over exaggerated girl power thing going on. For example the emphasis is no longer about the super powers and the fighting of the over imaginative villains. Nope. What we have is a cartoon that looks at the life of 3 little girls with super powers going up against the regular stereotype that little girls go through.

If I wanted to see that I would watch My Little Ponies. Why take what made that cartoon special and try something new that could leave the fan base with a sour taste in dem mouth.

This generation will probably enjoy this new reboot seeing how most of them never saw this series from back in the day. Maybe I am a little harsh but can you blame me. I hate when they take classics and try to give it an updated feel that takes away what made it so cool. I am just ranting like a raging nerd right now and probably need to sip some tea but give me the original any day.