Doctor Who New Companion

Hey Doctor Who fans I know you probably already saw the infamous trailer for the Doctor’s new companion…Pearl Mackie will join Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who in 2017. Who will be known as Bill. Here is the trailer.

My opinion is the same. As long as it isn’t Clara Oswald I am good. Still not a fan of Peter but maybe this new companion may be the right fit. Also we all know 2017 we will be seeing a new Doctor. All of this new change buddy. New lead writer, New Doctor and New companion. The only thing that remains the same is the villains. As you can see the Daleks are back again. I have high hopes for all this change. Maybe we will see Missy back again. Shoot even the weeping angels would be nice. So Pearl Mackie I welcome you to the Doctor Who universe. I hope you have a broad back cause the Doctor Who fans are viscous.

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