One Piece 738 Review

So much emotions running in this episode have me grabbing for the tissue. Sabo is spilling his guts with the Straw Hat Pirates.


His story began when he got his memory back. Oh boy was that emotional. The funny thing about this scene is when the revolutionary soilders was reading about the battle at Marineford. One of them mentioned to Dragon…”Hey isn’t Straw Hat Luffy your son?”…. He then replied “Oh..yeah” Like really dude…. Man acting like he forgot he had a son. Nonetheless Sabo began one bucket full of tears when he heard that Ace died. Thing was so traumatic that he lost consciences.

When he came about he wanted to talk to Dragon one time. Then it got interrupted. I was so vex!!! I wanted to see that conversation so bad! So anyway we come to when Luffy was in the colosseum and Sabo met him for the first time in a long time. Now remember Luffy thought he was dead and barely remembered him. As Sabo explained to him the time they stole and drank sake together… The tears started to flow..

I won’t lie…. that part had me like…

Had to hold back the man tears…. All in all this episode showed the theme of One Piece from the inception. Nakama. That you can form a bond stronger than family with friends that goes much deeper.

If you are a fan of One Piece and haven’t been watching it I suggest you watch this episode. So much going on here that you have to see. Not to mention things are only just getting even hotter. No Fluff episode here! Jumping from one arc to the next. Thank you Oda san.


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