What a roller coaster ride with these two episodes of the Flash. Not only do we have the drama of the Flash being normal but we also have the drama of the Flash struggling to fight crime without his speed.


Let me start off with episode 19. This episode was just painful. Every minute I wanted him to stop being such a cry baby and get back his speed. Like seriously dude stop the whole pity party crap. Dr. Wells meant well but he had the right idea. Don’t make sense hanging around when the only man who could of stopped Zoom just gave him his powers and made him much faster is normal. Time to roll out. Dr. Wells believe in his mind that by keeping his daughter around him at all times would be good for her. Nope epic fail. Suffocating her with protection would make anyone run away. Not to mention he killed a man for her. Either way new Meta human popped up with super strength but ages very quickly. So what do you know he kidnaps Wells and demands he fix it. Sadly this isn’t the same guy. Well it was Wells from earth one….wait wait I mean Eobard Thawne who took Dr. Wells place. Yeah Timey Whimey stuff.

Then the chase begins. Cisco and Dr. Wells daughter went to cooking up nice gadgets to help save the day. Using ATOM aka Ray Palmer nanotechnology to the suit to absorb a fist from this very strong guy. Usually as the flash he could take a beaten. Now he takes a punch from a meta human and it is death.


Fast forwarding we have Caitlin getting all chummy with her doupleganger Killer Frost. Now I won’t lie I thought Zoom would of killed her from freezing him and allowing Barry and his friends to escape. But nope she is alive and both of them hatch a plan to escape. That didn’t go so well. Killer Frost double crossed her and the try to kill her. I mean she is called “Killer Frost” for a reason. I telling you the drama in this episode was epic.

The episode ends with the Flash trying to find peace with losing his powers. But Dr. Wells hit the man up with some good news. He will help him gain his powers back.


Which brings me to episode 20. The Flash has been reduced to a hologram. Sad. Just sad. Well it keeping the weak minded criminals from causing mischief. As usual Barry ain’t want to do what is needed to get his powers back. Talking about doing that would hurt other people. Wells telling you he can contain it and you doubting the man. Hmph….Barry is an idiot. So he went to his father for guidance. BIG MISTAKE. He ain’t make it any easier. Anyway Zoom got bored and came to Earth One. That’s right. He bout to stir up some stuff.

Man rolled through the police station and locked it down. Caitlin was with him and convinced him not to kill the police men and women. I done see she gonna be the one to kill him. So Dr. Wells done went in red alert mode. He know what will happen next. He explained to Barry dem what will happen. You think he would be convinced to get his powers back. Nope. So anyway Cisco got a vibe about his brother. HE went to holler at him and what do you know….. the vibe was his brother from earth 2 looking revenge for the death of Vibe from earth 2. Yeah Zoom lied to him. To add more salt to the episode Iris finally tell Barry she love him. Not like brother sister love. I talking about I want to have your babies love.


FINALLY!!! Like OMG these man been dancing around that for tooooooo long. Then the worst happened. Zoom killed Police Officers and exposed the Flash and his Hologram stunt. Dumb idea if you ask me. Although it did help catch a Meta Human.

That was the push Barry needed to do what Wells asked him to do in the first place. The Flash is gonna get his powers back! Woot!


While all of this was happening Wally and Dr. Wells daughter figured a way out of the safe room and got in the way of the blast. Now most of my friends didn’t believe me when I told them hunter Zoom aka Jay was Zoom the said no. Well buckle up cause I am about to drop another bomb…. I know who the man in the mask is. We all knew the time would come that Wally would be the side kick to the Flash. This is the recipe for it to happen. Both getting zapped by the explosion definitely means this is the first step to Wally being a speedster and defeating Zoom. Yes Wally will defeat Zoom. Not the Flash. Either way the Flash or Barry got disintegrated into someplace in limbo. Not sure where but with 3 more episodes left I am at the edge of my seat….