Naruto About Time Shippuuden 461 Review

Naruto Fans rejoice!!! The fluff is done!!! No more fluff episodes. We finally have moved on. I won’t lie I gave up on this series for a hot minute. I couldn’t take it anymore. So where are we right now. The infinite tsukuyomi finished shining on the inhabitants of the world and only Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto are left alive to fight Madara. Well we still have the resurrected Hokages littered all over the place licking dem wounds so to speak. They weren’t affected seeing how they are zombies. So this is where things get real juicy. As Sasuke shield turn down Madara surround them and ready to finish them off. But what do you know. Black Zetsu have other plans…. That’s right….DOUBLE CROSS!!

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As it turns out Black Zetsu is the child of Kaguya!! As he was absorbing the Chakra from the tree Madara body began to expand. As he was expanding Black Zetsu led him to believe that he would bring about peace through the infinite tsukuyomi. Wrong again Madara. He thought Obito was a puppet. This right here is some inception type stuff. A con within a con. Everything that Madara thought to be true was a lie. Black Zetsu let him know that the stone he said was a prophecy was something he would change from time to time to get some useless pawn to do his bidden. Epic. So as the chakra filled him up Kaguya came out of him. Just like that Madara is no more.


So right now Naruto and Sasuke have dem hands full. This is the woman that gave birth to what they call ninjutsu. She run the route wen it come to chakra.


She saw the marks on their hands and went to work on them. This woman ain’t your typical villian. She’s waste no time! She subdued Sasuke and Naruto. Then black zetsu started to absorb their chakra also. While absorbing them we get the classic Naruto flash back. Sigh….. 😢. No worries this flash back is based off Kaguya. Which is much needed because we need to know why she doing all this for.

Fast forward to this episode we learn that the divine tree is not what the two brothers suspected it to be. They learned it is sucking the life from all living things. What is the end game we don’t know yet. But the older brother started his training of sage jutsu.
We all know this won’t go well with mommy dearest. She already found out what the two brothers are up to. So buckle up and enjoy the ride cause we finally get to see how Naruto the anime finally will come to an end.

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