X-Men Apocalypse No Spoiler Review

Oh X-Men. What a very long and ridiculous road we had to go to reach this point. Yet here we are with the seventh installment of the series. This time bringing the end to all mutants and humans alike.

Finally we have Marvel taking back what I thought was a dead franchise back to life so to speak. What do I mean? Well if you followed the story so far this is a continuation of days of future past. Which means they are in the 80’s. Thus the X-Men haven’t been formed yet. What does that means? The first three X-Men films never happened. That is good. Very good.


The movie feels like an origin story. Almost like Stan Lee had his hand in this film. One thing that is for sure this isn’t like Captain America Civil War or Batman vs Superman. The action isn’t jaw dropping but like an appetizer getting you ready for the main course. The story plot is much more detailed this time around. I can see characters being fleshed out this time around. Except for Pyche Lock.


Olivia Munn look the part but not really did the character justice. Also the main villian Apocolypse didn’t really look like his comic counterpart but he was passable. Personally I have seen people who did cosplay better than that.

Tell me who did it better....
Tell me who did it better….

Overall the movie was a good flick. Not amazing but just good. If you was to ask me to watch it again I would say no. If you have nothing going on this weekend and have $10 to burn I say give it a watch. If you strapped for cash then best wait for the DVD.


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