Puerto Rico Comic Con

The Beautiful Joye Styk was live at Puerto Rico Comic Con. Just like many other Comic Con there is Cosplay, Guest Appearances, contests and booth babes…..


WhatsApp-Image-20160521 WhatsApp-Image-20160522 WhatsApp-Image-20160525

From what I can gather Our lovely Gamer Geek Goddess Joye Styk noted that the Con itself is young. In terms of handling of lines seem to be a bit un organized. Coming from New York Comic Con you can see disorganization. It is a young Con so I know in time they will get their crap together. This time around there was some A-List special guests like

Jason Momoas aka Aquaman
Lana Parrilla aka The Evil Queen
Lana Parrilla aka The Evil Queen Regina

One can only expect things to get better every year. I am sure the attendance will only grow. Carib Gamers is all about that Cosplay life so expect to see the team doing what we do best. Representing the BVI in cosplay and everything Geek. Expect to see video footage on Carib Gamers Youtube Page.http://keit.staticweb.tk/yZb6G5dfgKGJ

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