Gather round kids… The Black Zetsu have a story to tell. It is about Kaguya and her two sons. Yep while he was sucking the chakra out of Naruto and Sasuke he explained to them his elaborate plan to bring his dear mother to life.


Kaguya although she was cold and bitter towards humans I almost understood why she did what she did. She could of just let it go after couple years but nooooo…. Talk about holding a grudge buddy. Basically from what we can gather from her story she came from someplace above the stars. Probably from another planet. She say they don’t have love and when they come for her they will be coming for blood. So basically the Divine tree is to build an army.


Hagoromo finished his sage jutsu training and was ready for the battle with his mother. As they got all the people from the village far away from the land cause it was about to go down.


Kaguya could read peoples mind. As she saw his intent she knew what she had to do. Hamura was under her control and he began to attack his brother. I won’t lie I thought he wouldn’t kill him but he had an ace up his sleeves. The sage toad gave him a sage infused card that can heal or even bring you back to life from death. So he stabbed his brother with his bare hands awakening his rhinnighan. He used the card and the two brothers started the long two month battle with their mother. TWO MONTHS… These man got stamina.

At the coming conclusion they sealed their mother away. Which became the moon. Hamura felt the love and loniness that his mother had. He went to the moon while Hagoromo stayed on earth. He split the soul of the ten tails and made 9 tailed beast to protect humans. Yeah we all know how that turned out to be.


Long and short Black Zetsu was born or pooped out just before Kaguya was sealed. Now I have one question…. Who she had sex with to make that black ting? Either way he had no power. He just stayed in the darkness plotting a way to bring his mommy back. Took him a minute but he got through and here we are now. With Naruto and Sasuke being the reincarnation of Asura and Indra. Black Zetsu used the Uchiha Clan to bring about his plan.

How will these man defeat Kaguya buddy…. The next episode should be very interesting. Kaguya looking at Sasuke and Naruto like they are her children. I ain’t tell y’all this woman can hold a grudge. Finally things getting good!!