Overwatch Review

Blizzard have released their first IP in 17 years. Yeah That is a long time. So is it worth your $60?

First off this isn’t your run in the mill Call of Duty FPS* game. This is FPS/MOBA ( First Person Shooter / Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) hybrid type game. If you ever heard of or played League of Legends then you know what I am talking about. Basically instead of controlling sprites you are in a First Person view. So what does that mean?


Well this is a fast paced action game. Frantic and Fun. If you just want to pick up and shoot, blow up or have fun this is your game. With the animated characters and awesome short animated films one can only feel compelled to play with all 21 of them.

The maps are excellent. Each one giving you the opportunity to flesh out your character. Which brings me to the different classes. Each class is unique and gives you the opportunity to try something different. The name of the game is team work. once you understand the role of the class and character it can lead to countless victories.


There is no level cap and most of the grinding will be for aesthetics. So most people will be grinding to obtain that special costume or accessory. You can buy these Loot but none of them will have any impact on the game mechanics. Although the game is full price it feel like a free to play type game. Since it is Blizzard we all know they will be supporting this game for many years to come. So expect expansions and content for this game.

For my Call of Duty brothers I don’t know if this will be your cup of tea. The gameplay is much more different and will be E-Sports ready. If you are into Destiny the pace will be much faster. League of Legend players will feel at home. Now this game is available on PC and Xbox One as well. We all know it will play better on PC. Yet I think this is a fun game and worth checking out. Especially if you are burnt out playing Destiny, Division, Battlefield, Call of Duty or any other FPS type game right now.


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