Fellow Guardians. Once again the call has been sent out. Lord Saladin needs our help. The Bungie stream revealed to us what we can expect for this new expansion.

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More or less we getting to play parts of the game that was locked off from us at the beginning of Destiny. Although I can see from a greedy money making point of view you can’t have gamers get the “whole” game just like that. This new expansion will set you back $30. So we have a new story mode, a new place, A “new” raid ( basically this was a raid for the house of wolves but they kept it out ) and new crucible content. I won’t lie the crucible content alone makes me happy. I am hoping that they have the iron banner event permanent. I would jizz all over myself if that was to happen.

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LORD FREAKING SALADIN. He is the only titan I know that can wear a cape and look ultra cool with it. This expansion feels like an episode of Game of Thrones. No I am so serious! Think about it… A plague that was locked a way have returned…. Flip it with Game of Thrones we have “Winter is coming”…. Either way I am really feeling this expansion lore. For the first time this one is a bit more interesting. We have guns that was named after Iron Banner Lords. We might actually get a real story….Nah! Let me don’t get my hopes up. We all know Destiny is all about the weapons. Speaking about weapons…


Destiny you sneaky bastards! Y’all know man would piss when we saw this.

it's a trap

So the plan is just in case you was tired of playing Destiny they know the first time players would come back just for the GJALLARHORN….amen…. I telling ya it is that serious. I was “Oh another expansion” …then I saw that…then I was like …..CRAP….. Either way Destiny is doing it once again and they are not gonna fade into the darkness. Games like The Division making some strides to gain some traction. With recent updates basically freeing up the loot drop. Come on we all know they was being stingy with the good stuff. Like tola girl…. Like cut style.

So expect this to drop September 20, 2016. This won’t be available for the Xbox 360 or PS3. Y’all need to upgrade anyhow. We in 2016. Ain’t got time fi old consoles. New weapons. New but old enemies. They promised that they won’t be the same kind of enemies. Don’t matter to me. As long as headshots still kill we good. Of course you know they will be increasing the light level. So more time grinding to get max level. If you don’t want to pre order and still get the GJALLARHORN…amen there will be a quest for ya to do and will get it. Oh but it won’t be black. Cause black is the new thing.

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The new enemy is called SIVA. Basically it is the Fallen Splicers. A meld of metal and flesh. So expect servitors, Fallen Captains and other re skinned fallen enemies. Don’t worry Bungie your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell the gamers yall to lazy to make new enemies for us to kill. More info will come leading up to September. Also look out for nuggets of info coming up to E3. Rise of Iron is coming. Time to get your guardian ready once again.http://keit.staticweb.tk/yZb6G5dfgKGJ