All right Bethesda with your #BE3 hash tag! You guys gave me goose bumps at first. Then put me to sleep. Here is Bethesda E3 Press Event run down and grade!


Quake champions is real. Fast amazing graphics at 120 hz unlocked frame rates. Classic arena combat. Support competitive tournaments. E-sports ready. That is right folks. QUAKE IS BACK!!!


This game reminds me of something but I just can’t put my finger on it. Choices have weight. Coming to PC, Mac and iOS.


All kinds of mods and expansions coming out. Then the bombshell with Skyrim being updated to the new consoles PS4 and Xbox One. I know some of my friends won’t have a life once that drops on the new consoles.


This game looks nothing like the Prey game I remember. I am guessing they are doing something different. Hard to say in this trailer if this game will be like it’s predecessor.


You heard him right! Tonight June 12th 2016 Doom is free. Good for this week. So get downloading and have at this classic FPS shooter. Also if you like it so much be comforted to know tons of free expansions and mods coming your way for Doom!


Dark brotherhood DLC launching. One Tamerial will allow you to do any quest as soon as you finish the beginning of the game.

Bethesda VR

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.50.05 PM

They are partnering with HTC vibe to bring us a deeper experience with Fallout 4 and Doom. This was surprise. Interesting surprise.



I won’t lie I never played the first one and I don’t think I will be playing this one anytime soon. I am sure people who are fans of this type of game will enjoy this no doubt.

Now if you was to ask me the grade for this conference I will say D+. They started off with a bang! Quake making it’s debut return was epic. Then everything went downhill from there. Basically they spent the whole time rubbing their ego talking about all the accolades they won. Then I fell asleep sometime when they started to talk about the paint drying in Dishonored 2. I can’t remember. All in all they had one solid game reveal. Doom being free is pretty awesome. Was good to see Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb once again…