I remember growing up to this cartoon. So much fond memories. This and He-Man were my favorite. So the joy I got when I heard Netflix was going to do a remake of this classic. One thing I must say this isn’t your classic remake. They forged their own path concerning the story. I ain’t mad at them. Now one of our members had s few things to say about this first episode on our Carib Gamers Network on Facebook


Alright, thoughts on the first episode of Netflix’s Voltron remake….. as expected some of the story is different and some kept in tact. Some technical aspects are different….. I mean, sure to fit the new story some things had to change but for me, the way they got TO the lions and the way that Voltron was formed were two key parts of the whole show so I’m not too fond that those have changed, I’ve got to wait and see what they do with Keith’s role as that is different, and I haven’t seen or know if I will see Sven….. The new animation took a little getting used to and is more bright and Saturday morningish, doesn’t have that same dull gloom that had the Original always in a state of suspense, now it’s like everything is always going to be ok, and they mad Coran into a goofball….. All in all I find it watchable, I definitely laughed a few times so it was entertaining but I have an issue with something I don’t have a term for, but it’s like when they take an exciting show with some darker aspects and brighten it up, make the characters more animated and goofy probably to reach younger audiences, that part of it is annoying, but I’m most likely going to watch the whole series as they release more episodes.
My thoughts are basically the same. Not to fond of the character role changes but hey I embrace it. Cause the work they did with Daredevil I am confident the direction they are taking it will be good. One thing that I find interesting is the jokes. You can tell that the direction they are going isn’t just for the kids. There is some nuggets in there that made me smile. Like Beavis and Buthead kind of smiling.
The action and animation reminds me of The Avatar. Particularly the Korra version. There is potential. I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to see the rest of this series. As you know this and all the other episodes are on Netflix. Just by watching this episode the tone have been set. The characters have been assembled. The real battle is yet to come. Time to form Voltron!
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