Microsoft Xbox. One of the three big titans of game consoles. So what they have going forward is important. So lets see what they have and what my thoughts are of this event.

Xbox One S:


Yes it is real. Although it was leaked ahead of time it is a great addition to the Xbox One Family. This is going for $399. For a smaller Xbox One I say this is a great buy…

Gears of War 4


That is right!!!! #Oldmanfenix is in the game!!! The Original OG!!! BOOM!!! The release is October 11, 2016. Co-op Mode supports cross play. Graphics still look dated.


New Elite Wireless Xbox Controller for the game.

Killer Instinct 


New Character is General Raam. So expect some epic Gears of War love for Killer Instinct.

Forza Horizon 3

Seemless Co-op connection. Beautiful graphics. Release date is September 27, 2016. I can definitely see myself playing this game. Thing is just beautiful.

Cross play on different platforms and seamless integration just screams FUN TIMES!

Cross play on different platforms and seamless integration just screams FUN TIMES!


Seem like another game like Knack. That didn’t impress me much…Just saying.

Final Fantasy 15

Fluid Battle system. Fighting a titan and other smaller minions. Available September 30, 2017

I can honestly say Final Fantasy looking like it want to break away from the tried and true turn based gameplay

I can honestly say Final Fantasy looking like it want to break away from the tried and true turn based gameplay

The Division

June 28th Underground expansion is coming.

Battlefield 1

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 4.57.33 PM

Xbox One play it first. Basically they been all over E3.

Xbox Live



More live servers. More reliable network. Background Music is a great welcome!


Language Region Independence. Which means no matter what country the language for the games and Xbox content will reflect that.


Cortana to Xbox One is coming to Xbox One. For people like me who is paranoid about NSA and other spyware I am not even gonna turn this feature on.


Xbox Live is on Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS & Android. ( interesting no windows phone… oh yeah that is dead…sad)


Clubs on Xbox Live. That is a great feature that allow you to join people of the same likes and interests. For example games like Division Agents in Tortola. This is a game changer!


Looking for Group on Xbox Live is a much needed feature. this will help gamers find that help without pulling up a website and whatnot. Great feature.


Arena on Xbox Live. Tournament ladders built in on Xbox Live and participate in tournaments. EA joined up with Arena to bring tournaments on a grand scale. This could be awesome for gamers to join E-Sport league tournaments.

Xbox one backward Compatibility, Cross Network play. Eg (Rocket League) All I can say is that Xbox Live is giving you more bang for your buck and making it the one place to play with your friends!


Xboxe3-010 Xboxe3-012 Xboxe3-011

Minecraft launched new update called the friendly update across all platforms. On the new servers you can play with your friends even when they are not online. Minecraft Realms available today. Oculus with Minecraft looks promising. Texture Pack is coming. Add-ons are coming this fall. Change mobs and animals to different type of things.

New Xbox Wireless controllers

Customize to your liking. Me like!


This game is in my opinion is Limbo 2. Just a different name. June 29th is the available date. Limbo is for free now.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is Exclusive to Xbox One. Right now Tekken Tag is for free for Gold members of Xbox Live. So get downloading!

Dead Rising 4

Christmas theme. nothing much to say here but just more killing zombies in crazy ways…

Scale Bound

Co-op gameplay Play anywhere buy once and play on any device. Don’t like the voice acting. Really cheesy. Other than that I think I might enjoy this game.

Sea of Thieves

Game developed by Rare. Open Pirate world. Looks like real fun. Only thing is this game is relying on a vibrant community for it to be fun. Will see how this game does.

State of Decay 2

Zombie game…

Halo Wars 2

Xboxe3-015 Xboxe3-016 Xboxe3-018 Xboxe3-017

Look like they are beefing up the graphics. Xbox One beta available right now. Xbox Play anywhere ready.

Project Scorpio


Xbox One pushing for community. Gaming across the board.  Holiday 2017 will be their new console. Here is the trailer:

All in all the Xbox came hard and strong. They checked off everything that is needed for an E3 event and honestly they delivered. With tons of exclusives, community driven and new hardware it will be hard not to say they did a great E3 showing. I give them an A. That is saying a lot from me. I was impressed. Nothing wowed me but it got me thinking of the possibilities that can come from all the innovation. Also Project Scorpio got my mouth watering from the specs. That was a good E3 Microsoft.