Nintendo E3 Press Event

Nintendo came to us live from their Tree House Stage. For the past years Nintendo have been lack luster and less than promising. Here is what they had to offer.


To be honest this is the only game worth any of our time. Sadly that is it for Nintendo. They had other games but nothing close to comparison to Sony or even Microsoft. This Zelda game looks great and still have it’s Zelda charm. Sadly I feel Nintendo lost touch with gamers. They remind me of Apple when they first started. Until they dropped that Power PC and went with Intel. Nintendo needs to do something that will bring honor back the name Nintendo.


It is Pokemon. What more do you want to know. It is the very same addictive gameplay for all Pokemon fans. Although I am not impressed by this game. They basically spent the whole conference talking about Pokemon and Zelda. They talked in length about the new types of Pokemon and also the new location which your adventure will take place. Sigh…. This is a waste of my time…

Nintendo E3 Press Event was an epic fail. There was nothing here worth my time to review. Sorry for being blunt. Nintendo probably holding out for the “NX”. That is my only explanation for such a lack luster event.

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