Angry Birds Movie Review

Look how life got me…. Sometimes one have to get in touch with what matters the most. Family. With Graduations and young ones growing up I realized something. There is that one character that every young child idolize. For me it was He-Man.

But this isn’t about me. This about my son who also loves Angry Birds. From the very first day he picked up my phone he loved that game. To the point where he already surpassed me in both skill and levels. He knows every bird type including their distinct sound. So imagine his face when we went to see the Angry Birds Movie!

image (2)


Me, My Mom, Son and Nephews. My son was all smiles for this movie. Now I wasn’t expecting much seeing how I done felt this movie wasn’t gonna be any good. Oh was I wrong!

The way that they brought these birds to life was just simply amazing. I now understand the new rebranding of Angry Birds. Giving them “life” so to speak. With each character and their unique talents came together nicely.


My favorite character wasn’t Red…The lead Bird of the film but Chuck. The fast talking speed demon Yellow Bird. Chuck had me rolling from start to finish. We all know Red is angry and we understand why but Chuck was the comic relief.

vlcsnap-2016-07-05-21h50m58s023 vlcsnap-2016-07-05-21h51m25s254

The jokes in this movie isn’t as cute asI thought it would be. Many of them will have both kids and adults laughing it up. There were times when I was like “Did you get that?!” as the joke went right over their heads. The game to movie adaptation was executed perfectly. All in all this was a great film for the whole family and to imagine this all started with a small free app…


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