Fellow gamers. I finally got Overwatch…. I know I know game been out for a hot minute. Better late than never. So lets get to the meat of the matter. This isn’t your FPS run and gun kind of game. This game is not about grinding to that high lvl. Nope. This is game is all about team synergy. Yes this is a MOBA hybrid. This is also an online only game. So no internet don’t even buy it. This game is all about “fun”. While still giving you some depth. Each character in the game has a strength and a weakness. No one player is the best over all.


The idea behind this game is to follow the role of your character. Some are tanks that help protect the team or push them forward. Some are aggressive. They are the ones in your face constantly shooting at you. Then there are the support types that heal or add buffs. Can’t forget the builder types. They place traps or build turrets to add to the chaos. The maps also play a huge part in the kind of game you will be playing. Will you be a sniper giving you teammates fire from above? Will you be a healer for the aggressive players racking up those kills. Some maps encourage tanks to push them back or secure a control point. As you can see this game can be deep and still fun.

ScreenShot_15-11-15_01-27-26-000 Overwatch_ Beta_20160505013107_1 Overwatchguns

As of writing this review Blizzard added a new character to the game for free. That is right. No DLC content. No pay for each character. New update brought with us a new character to play with. She is a support type ( My favorite class ) and also adds the element of Sniping and healing.

Click here for the patch notes for the PS4. I am sure these patch notes will also be the same for the Xbox One. If you are burnt out playing other games and want something different. Overwatch is that game. Lately I been playing this more than Destiny. The international Badman tell me I have been bitten by the Overwatch Bug. Real talk I just find this fun and refreshing. Usually I would give you a score on this game but I want to just say BUY IT. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY GAMER! That is right. I highly recommend this game for anyone who want to play a fun yet deep team based shooter/ MOBA/ Online FPS game.http://keit.staticweb.tk/yZb6G5dfgKGJ