Pokemon Go in the VI!!!!

Pokemon Fever has hit the VI!!! reports came swarming in and it is official. Pokemon Go is here. Many Pokemon trainers have taken the call and went HAM! As you can tell from the video yours truly was having a geek moment. Blake already got to work and recorded his first catch. Pokemon Go was only released in the United States, New Zealand and Australia at the time. So most of my friends deleted the app in frustration. Not me. I knew that day would come and we get on the Pokemon Hype train….

So as of now there are Facebook groups popping up all over the place. People are mobilizing for their different factions. Just to let you guys know…..

Valor Team

VI Yellow and Blue players think the game is between them. Valar Morghulis.

– Team Valor

Right now I know of only 3 gyms in the BVI. One is Trellis Bay at Beef Island. The Hospital in Road Town and Sir Oliver George Plaza also in Road Town. I can truly say this game is addicting. The moment you catch that high LVL Pokemon it make you really say “Gotcha”. Now with all the hype you done know many people who never touched or even smelt a Pokemon game would join the band wagon. I won’t lie it is fun seeing people meeting up at Pokestops and interacting with each other. Cause there will be walking. Lots of walking. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings and if going out at night to look for Pokemon never go out alone. Also please do not trespass or vandalize peoples property trying to catch any Pokemon.


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