Yes Naruto is still going on. It is like the song that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. So fast forward and we have Naruto actually outsmarting Kaguya. I am impressed. Each time I am thinking ok Naruto is screwed now. Then boom he figured his way out of that mess.


Getting the help from the tailed beasts is a perk that never cease to amaze me. Like this man got that contra code on blast when he ready. Either way something happened in episode 471 that literally got me super happy. FINALLY someone who needed to die is dead. Now I ain’t happy how it happened cause I was thinking more back story fluff story gonna happen AGAIN… Yet I don’t mind cause at least this time we won’t have to see Rin or their back story. I mean how many times do we have to see young Obito acting like a goof ball around Rin.



We finally coming to a close with this anime. The action is getting intense. Well not as intense as Dragon Ball Super. But we getting there. As of now the manga is far done and they will be doing a Sasuke heavy side story. That is right. So watch out for that coming very soon.


I still don’t know how they hooked up…. Thought he was gay…

I think this story will soon come to an end. I don’t know when cause right now One Piece going strong with no sign to slowing down. Kaguya ain’t no chump and she look like she ain’t got time to waste. I am anticipating that the re-animated Kages will play a part in taking her down and it will have a long good bye for all the fallen soldiers. Anyway gonna hold up the Naruto Banner high and keep watching with hopeful eyes….till then stay frosty!