Exploration, Interstellar Dog Fights and tons of universes to discover. No Man’s Sky is that game that showed how far the rabbit hole can go. A PS4 exclusive that had fanboys watering at the mouth.

The game is out. Reviews are a mixed bag. Some say this game is fun beyond your wildest dreams. Some say it loses it’s hype in a couple hours. Who do you listen to? So I waited to hear from some of my friends who was eager to play the game.

They had a few things to tell me….



That is right. To sum it up the chances of you linking up with your friends and running it together is very slim. You have a better chance meeting with a random player. The thing is players can be in the same universe but on different servers. Something similar to Destiny. Once the room is full you will be placed in another server in the same universe. All that means to me is I can’t link up with my friends and go exploring together. Which brings me to my next point.


No man sky ship


I am not a fan of just exploring worlds. It sounds exciting at first but I am not sure it can hold my attention for to long. I saw some videos on youtube and got bored watching it….


no mans sky end game

How many licks does it takes to get to the center of the universe. That is the end game in a nutshell. When I asked my friend what is the drive for him in this game and he told me to get material for his ship and keep exploring. Once I heard that I asked him how was the dog fights and the enemies that would hinder that progress. He told me being an avid FPS ( First Person Shooter ) player this would be a breeze for me. He got the game day 1 and hasn’t died yet in the game. He told me there are robots that act like police like in Grand Theft Auto. Once you mine or kill animals you become notorious. So the “police” robots start attacking you. He told me sometimes they attack you for no reason. Shoot even some animals attack you.

All in all I am not feeling the urge to pick up No Man’s Sky. Like Blake said, he would pick this game up when PSN has a sale or becomes free to download. I am not saying the game is not good. It will be fun for people who like that kind of stuff. As for me I am not gonna dump any money for this game.