Today at Gamescom Bungie did a reveal of live gameplay of the new expansion for Destiny’s Rise of Iron. One thing stood out for me…Private Matches!!!! Here is the run down:


You can create everything from a competitive showdown to a controlled sound-stage for your own stories. The game you host can be casual or competitive.

Private Matches allow players to create their own lobby to play Crucible Game Types. The Fireteam leader who creates this lobby will be able to choose from a series of pre-selected options to assemble a match with the settings of their choosing.

To create a Private Match lobby, the Fireteam leader must open the Director in Orbit, select the Crucible, then select the Private Match node. This will then allow the Fireteam leader to select their desired match settings under the new “Game Options” menu.

While all players will have the ability to create and play Private Matches, players who do not own Destiny: Rise of Iron will not be able to play Supremacy game types, as well as access the Floating Gardens, Icarus, Last Exit, or Skyline Crucible Maps.

In Private Matches, players have the ability to freely switch teams between Alpha and Bravo Team. This can be done while in Orbit prior to launching a Private Match.

Players may switch between the Team and Fireteam Voice Channels. The Team Voice Channel will only allow you to communicate with other players in your immediate team(ex: Alpha Team). The Fireteam Voice Channel will enable every player in a Private Match lobby to communicate directly.

Game option available to Guardians include Game Type, Maps, Score Limit, Time Limit and Light Level.

CLAN ROSTER: Every Private Match will take place in a personal clubhouse that bears the name of the Clan that controls it. You won’t need to be in a Clan to host your own match. As any Clan Overlord can attest, an active roster makes it easier to fill a lobby.

The Fireteam Roster has been updated to become the Game Roster, The new list now shows all members on a player’s immediate Fireteam, as well as all other players in the current Activity. Immediate Fireteam members are prioritised at the top if the list, which can be found on the far left row of the roster page.

With the launch of Private Matches in Destiny: Rise of Iron, the current Clan of the Fireteam leader of a Private Match lobby will be displayed as the host of the Private Match lobby. This is displayed on the upper left of the screen, while in Orbit prior to launching a Private Match.

Competition License: Thinking of arranging a tournament to find out who is the best Guardian in your Clan? Destiny now has the tools to support the competitive community. All players of Destiny are granted a license to conduct tournaments under a set of terms.

Compensation: “The value of the total compensation including prizes, prize money, salaries, travel and accommodation stipends or reimbursements, and appearance fees paid by organisers and sponsors to the players, teams and team owners, for participating in the competition (“Compensation”), must:

  • Not exceed Five Thousand US Dollars ($5,000 USD) or the equivalent for a single competition
  • not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000 USD) or the equivalent for all of the events organized or hosted by you during the last 12 months pursuant to this Destiny Competition License
  • Provided you comply with all applicable laws (including residency eligibility requirements), you may charge players and/or teams entry fees to compete in your community competitions under the following guidelines:
  • Your local laws allow organizers to charge entry fees for participants to compete in the competition
  • The value of the Compensation must be at least equal to the combined value of the entrance fees paid by players

This can be a game changer. I mean I thought this was going to be another cut and paste expansion. There is a new Crucible game type called Supremacy. Which is Kill Confirmed of that in Call of Duty.

I am really getting hyped for this new expansion. The customization still seem a little limited to me. With the new ornaments which can change what your armor looks like is a nice touch but will see how this plays out. Not a fan of the Glowing Armor thing…The single player campaign will be giving some old missions a facelift. Come on Destiny can you do an expansion and not do over an old mission. Brings us brand spanking new missions if you can. Either way we getting a new social space and some interesting Boss fights. So let me not complain. I am really excited to try out the Private Match option. We finally can witness my awesomeness with my friends. So they will know I AM THE MASTER!