Naruto Goodbye Obito Shippuuden 472 Review

This man name Obito. He just won’t die! This man worst than a diva. Not to mention Naruto hate to see a comrade die. Sasuke on the other hand could care less. It seems that Obito still got a story left in him. I mean seriously how much times do we have to see him and Rin. I done reach the conclusion he loved her. So much that he went to war for her. Then get this craziness. When he finally died he met her. So my thing is all of this could of been adverted if he just killed himself and go meet her. Cause she was waiting for him. I guess he took the long way home.


Then we have Naruto. He is the kind of guy who would be forgiving. Even though Obito single handily started this war, killed multiple ninjas died during the war, captured and killed most of Jinchurikis and was responsible for his Mother and Father’s death. Yet Naruto is willing to forget all of that and call him a friend. Amazing. I wouldn’t be so forgiving. It takes a special kind of somebody to do that.


Coming to the end of the episode we see Obito still got a few tricks up his sleeves. Yep look like Kakashi gonna get an upgrade. How that gonna work out seeing Obito is dust and Kakashi have both of his eyes will be something I got to see happen.

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