Naruto Kakashi 2.0 Shippuuden 473 Review

Lawdy!!! The end is near!!!!! This episode had me watering at the mouth! Talk bout an upgrade!!! My boy Kakashi getting on rude. At first he was just standing there like a scrub with his plain eyes. So Obito came to the rescue. Now they didn’t show any type of surgery. Basically the eyes just appeared. It had everyone shocked. Talk about an upgrade!


Obito is dead but still able to share his eyes. Only in Naruto buddy LOL!

So while all of that was going down we have Sasuke and Naruto going hard on Kaguya. She lost an arm. Naruto vex that black shadow running his mouth. So Naruto had to sort him out fast. Then all of a sudden we see a new move from Naruto that had me like this man going HAM!!!



Pure Madness!!! This is the final fight for the series. So I guess this is when they have to pull out the big guns. When that happened she started to leak some the tail beasts. It seem even though she may be immortal the power that resides in her may become unstable.


Now she look like a white rabbit on steroids. I guess that is her transformation when ting start to get her vex. All I know she start moving wild and crazy. The Ten Tail hands was flinging all over the place and when you see it going for Sakura you think she bout to be rabbit food guess who showed up like a boss….



So you done know ting bout to get turn up! Team 7 is back and dem man ain’t backing down. Kakashi throwing Kamui Shuriken. He was getting on bad!!!! Since he have Obito’s eyes now he just A BEAST! So the time for things to get real. Kaguya got control of the tail beasts and started to form her own truth seeker orb. Thing huge like a planet. Sucking the chakra from those stuck in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The only way to stop her is to seal her once again. So Kakashi setup the plan and they executed it perfectly. The old switch and bait worked liked a charm.



That is it folks! They finally got her. Well the next episode gonna be wrapping things up. I can’t believe the journey of Naruto coming to a close. Game over for Kaguya. Not sure what they will do with the black shadow guy who is stuck on the ground right now but I done see how this will end. I don’t want it to end but all good things must finish. Well unless you are One Piece. That will never end. So stay frosty till the next episode!

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