So much hate for DC movies. After Batman Vs Superman critics lined them up to fail. I won’t lie I didn’t think this movie was gonna be any good. So I didn’t go in thinking much but that soon changed.

Short Version:
Good popcorn movie. Not a fan of the Joker. There is Humor and Action. I would rate this 3 out of 5 stars

Long Version:
If you never read any of the Suicide Squad comics then you are in for a treat. Basically the idea is to take some of the worlds nastiest bad guys and manipulate them to do mercenary jobs. You ask how do they do that. Well that is where Amanda Waller steps in. She is a beast! Her character was spot on. Ruthless and will do anything to get the job done. She placed a bomb in their head to explode if they attempt to run away or anything she don’t like.

So lets talk about the characters:


Deadshot played by Will Smith did an excellent job. He brought that leader role from a villain like only he can. Even the relationship with his daughter was exactly how it is in the comics.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn. Played by Margot Robbie was in my opinion the star of the show. She did an awesome job playing as Joker’s psychotic girl. Everyone can agree that Harley Quinn has become a huge icon as of late. So much that her comic been getting a lot of attention. I did love her role in the series “Death in the Family”. So maybe they will expand on that instead of this love sick version…


Joker. Sigh…. Played by Jared Leto was horrible. Hated it. Wasn’t even worth watching him. This version of the Joker felt more broken than crazy. His actions were not that of a calculative psychopath. More of a love string puppy with nothing else to do but kill people at random. WE all know that the Joker real love is Batman. Not Harley. She is more of a side ting. Batman completes him. So the direction the movie took with Joker constantly aching for Harley was nauseating. Yes I know this is the Suicide Squad Universe but even in there Joker fascination was always about getting the best over Batman. Yet although I know that his vision for Joker was different I can’t shake years of knowing the Joker and seeing this half retarded version of a crime boss is just painful to see.

Those three in my opinion are the only people that matter. Everyone else was great supporting actors. Yep. Even Katana. She was just there for the Kung Fu.

The Action and pacing of the movie was good. I especially loved the connection with Batman vs Superman. You will be in for a treat when you see how the back story is played out. I got real excited when I saw some iconic characters.

For those saying that the movie was utter trash must be on Marvels payroll cause this wasn’t a disaster. It isn’t an excellent movie but it is a good movie. I guess the reason why people and not critics liked the movie because it came at a time where there was nothing else to watch. Also it wasn’t that bad. All in all Don’t expect to much from this movie. I went in thinking it would be utter trash and got a nice movie.