Battlefield 1 Open Beta Impression

Playing this Beta was a chore. Besides the “Not connecting to the EA Servers error”, Matchmaking not working and the broken menus. Playing the game felt like a job you just want it to finish. This beta reminds me of the time we played Battlefield 4 beta which had many red flags alerting me that this game is broken. Trust and believe I ain’t gonna ignore the DANGER SIGNS.

I was playing the Beta on the PS4 so all of what I experienced is based on that console.



My first warning was not connecting. Even if they posted on twitter that they were experiencing some server side issues it was a coincidence this happened when the beta went live for everyone.

Second Warning was the broken matchmaking. Many times when I tried to link with my fellow comrades it came with black screens followed by a error screen.


The third warning wasn’t a big one but the hit markers sometimes didn’t register. I can’t be mad although sometimes it felt like my bullets was made out of rubber.

September 8th was the last day of the beta and there was a patch that was released on that day. It did improved matchmaking and connection errors.

Battlefield 1 will not be a day one buy for me. Even though I had some great moments playing with my friends especially in rush mode. It always felt like a second job just to win. It had that Battlefield flare but there were moments when the frustration got to a boiling point. I know this was a beta but I had more fun playing Titanfall 2 over this beta. I will wait and see what the end product will be like. Be warned Battlefield 1 could be riddled with problems. Battlefield 4 had us all fooled.

Here is a video of some dude totally freaking out after we lost a very tight Rush match..

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