The conclusion is here folks. One last episode before they close the chapter on one of our favorite hidden leaf ninja. Just when everything looking like a happy ending…Sasuke. This blasted boy name a Sasuke. He just don’t know how to let it go. After going through all of that he still want to be a douche bag. Like really?


So in episode 474 we have an emotional goodbye between Naruto and his father Minato. All the years Naruto grew up alone he finally got that father and son time. I especially liked the part when he told him he didn’t find a girl like his mother. Which had me grinning cause Hinata ain’t nothing like his mother. I would say Sakura more fit that bill but she stupid for Sasuke long time.

Then we have Madara and Hashiram. They finally buried the hatchet. Then the Tailed Beasts all are free. Everything looking like a happy ending. Then Sasuke…..


So we are at episode 475. This monkey fool say he gonna kill all the 5 Kages, trap all the tail beasts and kill Naruto. Oh while becoming the new Hokage. This man on some sauce. I mean he ain’t understand he is a douchebag and need to stop the madness. Well in his defense he believes that the system that is going on right now is broken and needs to be dismantled. In his mind that is what needs to be done.

Stupid logic but hey he been like that from long. The last episode dubbed “The Final Battle” looking like it will be Manga style. Black and white. I am hyped to see this fight. I am hoping that it won’t be too cheesy. Been a great ride watching Naruto. It seem like Boruto will be having his own series. How it will stack up only time will tell.