SHOTS FIRED! Microsoft have no Chill!!

Just recently Sony unveiled the lack luster PS4 Pro. To be honest the PS4 Pro is nothing but a sad attempt to catch up with the Xbox One S. From that moment when Sony dropped the ball Microsoft been in dem tank! No real talk! Just recently it was proven that Xbox Live is faster and more reliable than PSN. I may also add that Sony increased the price for PSN. tsk tsk tsk.. Here is the PDF for the independent test HERE.


Which brings me to the new promo for Xbox One S. They ain’t holding back at all. As you can see in this latest Battlefield 1 trailer bundle for the Xbox One S.

As you can see Microsoft know what is going on. Sony just F’d up. Microsoft been getting their butts handed to them steady from Sony. I can recall E3 that Sony clowned Microsoft for their inability to play offline. It was the running joke for Microsoft. Now it look like the shoe is on the other foot. Sony need to just stop digging this hole of lack luster features and be ready for the real war. Nintendo is sleeping with Apple. Yes Nintendo is bringing their IP’s to the almighty iOS. Microsoft is doing what they do best. Software and high end hardware. Ting getting real interesting. As for Battlefield 1…. I ain’t jumping on that hype train right now. Check me when the bugs get iron out. Now I am gonna be like Kermit the snitch and sip my tea…. Your turn Sony. Clap back lol!

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