Carib Gamer interviews Triforce Johnson!

Catching up with one of the busiest Entrepreneur, Pro Gamer, multiple Guinness World record holder and movie star, the one and only Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson. I met him some years back at VXG in St. Maarten and realized this man is dedicated to E-Sports. As time past he kept moving forward and now has his own documentary series about his life. I am proud to know that a fellow caribbean brother doing it real big both in Jamaica and New York. Here is the interview:

There are many things that could be said about Triforce. Just like everyone there will always be people that will have either something positive or negative to say. Yet there is one thing you have to agree on. He is never gonna stop moving forward. He is a very motivated individual that even inspire’s me to be better. That is the thing about success. It isn’t something easily attained by just living. Along the way you will make mistakes. Just got to learn from them and keep it moving. Once Triforce finds some more time I will love to take him up on his offer to chat once again and be able to see if we can really expand E-Sports in the Caribbean.


The iconic Power Glove.

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