After the last battle between Naruto and Sasuke I found myself in a spot. I didn’t have anything to watch anymore. I mean I have One Piece. That ain’t going no where anytime soon. But sometimes you need something else to mix it up. Naruto was that anime for me. So I started to “shop” around for an anime that could be funny and serious at the same time. What I got was Bungou Stray Dogs!


Bungou Stray Dogs is a weird anime. It has a good story, interesting characters and amazing fight scenes but the entire anime experience is really…weird. Season one in my opinion was a mix between fantastic and fluffy. I will admit there was a few episodes that had me rolling my eyes but that was because I ain’t bout that funny cliches. There are points when the action gets turned up. Then there is the “who done it” detective type episodes that really know how to flip the script on you.


 The constant bickering between two characters will get annoying. Don’t worry press on through it and you will be rewarded. Season 2 has started and I won’t lie I am digging the back story for one of the main characters Dazai. As you know this series stems from a popular Manga that also have some cross over characters from the authors other novels.


Studio Bones did an excellent job with the animation. The thing about this anime what most people would say is that it reminds them of a pretty boy fluff fest. Although there a scenes where it gets real serious real fast. Literally out of no where you get pulled in to this action sequence that have you at the edge of your seat. If you are not to busy and want to pick up on a good anime for the time give this a chance.