Everything that made the Call of Duty Series a blast to play is here. I mean this is the first of the Modern Warfare Series. With the non-stop action and the all too familiar QTE (quick time event). With the new lighting effects and graphical advancements one can only wonder what the game looked like before. Although you still can see the age of Modern Warfare. All in all this is a great walk down memory lane for seasoned COD players. For the newbies this is a great way to get a taste of what Modern Warfare was like before.



This ain’t your Rambo run n’ gun type shooter you have grown to play. Let me be clear. Call of Duty 4 multiplayer is all about the penetration and “camping”. Yes I said it. “Camping” is a strategy. Before man could scale walls and kill streaks that could turn you into a rampaging dog. You have to learn the art of baiting and waiting. When I first jumped in I died. A LOT. I was a snipers wet dream. Headshot steady. Couldn’t catch a break. So I took a step back and observed the situation. Once I got the flow of the game my K/D improved. It isn’t about running around trying to get those quick kills. It was about understanding your map and waiting for the noobs to run out in the middle and taking them out.



This is the grandfather of the Modern Warfare series. So gameplay will be slower than what we have now. Don’t get it twisted. This is “Boots on ground” action. No jumping on walls. No sliding to cover. No stanky leg dancing after you win. This is all about your gun and skills. Hit markers are almost accurate. Sometime the lag will bend bullets. Some maps are strategic. While others are just frustrating. Overgrown I am talking to you…. Don’t get me started with the map Bog with a combination with Snipers. Pure madness. Yet once you can overcome these things you have a solid game with some good moments.



They bumped up the graphics for the remastered. They also did a bump in the frames per second. Which means the game will stay pretty although it is moving a bit faster. I found myself still hitting the invisible walls in some maps. There were also times when I remembered a scene and thought to myself was this what we had back in the day. Then I would pull up Youtube to see the original scene and was in shock to realize how much detail was added. They did an excellent job making it fresh again.