With the events following Civil War 2 we have a missing Tony Stark. Not sure of his status Riri Williams took over the helm of Iron Man. Now the new Iron “Man”. Not sure that calling her Iron Man makes sense. I guess the “man” part is more like Thor. Although we all knew Thor to be Odinson we levitated to the connection between Thor was a man. We all know now Thor is a woman. I am seeing a trend here Marvel. So now we have super genius Riri Williams.


So far that is two black female super geniuses…. looking at you Lunella aka Moon Girl. Marvel got that girl power going on!




This comic lays down the foundation for a super hero that isn’t perfect. She has the talent but already the pressure to surpass her peers is on. This isn’t your typical new super hero origin story. This one grabs you in and you can feel the emotion behind her motives.

I do love her dynamics. I can almost see her as a female version of Tony Starks. Except for the playboy part but she has all what it takes to be a very good Iron Man.


The art direction is bold and colorful. Artist Stefano Caselli did an excellent job brining this series to life. Brian M. Bendis doing this series some justice. I am already hooked to the storyline plot and eagerly await the next issue.