Civil War II #7 Review

Where is Tony Stark?


Marvel Universe right now is going through another Civil War. There is an Inhuman that can see the future…sort of. So Captain Marvel is on her “Minority Report” vibe right now. She made it her business to get anyone in those predictions before they supposedly commit any of the crimes. Which in my opinion makes no sense. How you gonna put someone in jail for something they ain’t do yet. So yeah I am team Iron Man! So it has been Team Iron Man VS Team Captain Marvel.

So far there has been two series recently released by Marvel for Iron Man. Invincible Iron Man which features my girl Riri Williams. Then we have Infamous Iron Man with Doctor Doom taking on the mantle. Deep!!! So if you read any of them you would notice that both hint at the absence of Tony Stark. Well those hints finally have an answer.

In this issue of Civil War II #7 we see that following the premonition of Spider Man aka Miles Monroe killing Captain America aka Steve Rogers (Hail Hydra) Spider Man goes to the scene of the crime that hasn’t happened yet. Guess who was there also. Captain America! So what you think would be a huge fight turned out to be an easy conversation. Which makes sense. Why would they start fighting over some future that isn’t determined as yet.

Carol arrives and asks Miles to go into protective custody with her. Now in my opinion that makes no sense. Why ask for someone to go to jail and stay a criminal for something that won’t happen. Yet as she reaches out for him BAM!!! Force field pops up out of nowhere. It is Iron Man in a shiny new suit ready for war. Things start to get ugly fast. Just like how War Machine got killed by Thanos….

Yeah she went HAM on Iron Man. Now it could be that he used an Iron Man Bot to fight Captain Marvel and he is hiding somewhere but this does not look good…


So we see now why his essence was sent to Doctor Doom and Riri. I am not gonna say he is dead just yet cause when I was gonna cry for Wolverine they brought me Old Man Logan. So you never know. Tony IS smart and probably have a backup plan for the backup plan. Even his girlfriend has her doubts.

The state of Iron Man is still a big unknown. Also lurking in the shadows is your boy Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Yeah this dude is out for blood. Things are really getting interesting.

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