Sing (2016) Movie Review

This holiday season the movie Sing was an unexpected surprise for me. Not only did it made me laugh but it was a constant reminder to always to “JUST DO IT“. It is a modern-day city of anthropomorphic animals almost that of Zootopia. Matthew McConaughey is a koala who owns a struggling musical theater that he’s trying to revive by staging a singing competition. That ends up garnering unexpectedly massive popularity. A typo accidentally advertises a prize of $100,000 instead of only a thousand, a plot detail that actually ends up having a bit less to do with what ends up happening than you might expect. In fact, Sing deludes from a competition storyline to “the show must go on” backstage teamwork drama. It’s an obligation to at least pretend at the presence of conflict. In my opinion it had more conflict than drama LOL!

After all, the plot is just an excuse for a strategically-mixed group of characters with celebrity voices to sing fiendishly well. Reese Witherspoon as a pig homemaker out to prove she’s still got the moves. Scarlet Johansson as a porcupine rocker-chick who comes to realize she’s been creatively stifled by her pretentious partner/boyfriend. Seth MacFarlane as a wiseacre mouse who does Rat Pack covers (because who else was going to take that role?). Taron Edgerton as a street-tough yet sensitive gorilla boy who’s torn between his dreams of singing and joining his macho dad’s bank-robbing gang (gee, I wonder who the breakout character is going to be?). And Idol veteran Tori Kelly as an elephant with a powerful voice and crippling stage fight.

All of this just adds up to be an exceptionally well put together feel good movie. Don’t get me wrong sometimes the story seem a bit predictable and almost felt like this has been done before somewhere. It has the Idol/Voice/X-Factor vibe going on but it doesn’t have the pressure of being the perfect singer. It gives you the idea that when you do what you love everything will fall into place. This movie isn’t the blockbuster that many would line up to see but I really enjoyed watching this movie with my family. Watching them sing and dance along was priceless. This is a feel good movie that every family could watch together.

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