Nintendo has done it again. It brought one of its beloved IP to the mobile gaming industry. Super Mario Run has been out and I got the time to play this game. I personally had a rocky start. Seeing how I was jailbroken and only updated to the new iOS 10 I was still signed as jailbroken. A clean wipe later I was able to play Super Mario Run. Nintendo ain’t playing with piracy at all. So much that they haven’t released the Android version as yet.

So will this replace my child hood memories of playing Super Mario? No. Far from it. Yet for the touch generation they will be able to share the same feeling we all had playing our favorite plumber.

Thinking about Super Mario Run as a platform game (or even as the platform game’s simple mobile cousin, the “endless runner”) isn’t quite right. In practice, it plays more like a free form rhythm game with platform game clothing. Instead of seeing an encroaching red note and strumming in time on a plastic guitar, you see a sequence of pits, coins, and enemies and have to plan when and how to jump as Mario runs forward ceaselessly.

The main game is plenty of fun, and pretty polished, a strong balance between classic gaming, contemporary play rewards and all those mobile mechanics. There are a host of extras to keep you tapping: Kingdom Builder allows you to use the collected coins to create a personal little Mario-land of houses and flowers; Toad Rally, meanwhile, is a time-trial that rewards little green creatures, allowing you to unlock such classic characters as Princess Peach, Yoshi and my personal favorite, the forever subordinate Luigi.

Which brings me to downside of this “Endless Runner”. If this wasn’t hyped, If this wasn’t Nintendo, If this wasn’t “Mario” I personally don’t think this game would of been getting this much attention. As it stands there is other endless runner games in the App store that doesn’t need the constant internet connection. That has more content to keep you coming back for more. As it stands Super Mario Run only appeal for playing is to beat your friends score. Which brings me to another problem. The friend system. Nintendo still insist on using a dated way of adding friends. By sending them a message or an email with your ID number. Epic Fail. Not to mention the $10 to unlock the full game was pretty steep. Was it worth it. No. $5 probably but this game isn’t AAA quality. Just like Pokemon Go I feel that Nintendo did not deliver what could of been a game changer.

Even though they reached over 50 million downloads this game is going the same path as Pokemon Go. Only time will tell if it has enough steam to keep peoples interest. Maybe when they launch for the Android they will see some new changes. Either way I don’t see this as a game changer. A good time waster yes. Not something as addictive as Clash Royal or my other constant addiction Final Fantasy IX.