Batman #14: Review

After the Bane arc and everything is slowing down. We have Batman and Catwoman on the rooftops. This comic is a breath of fresh air. Literally. Batman just broke out of Santa Prisca Prison. Broke Bane’s back…. (LOL) but still have to take Selina Kyle to prison for killing 237 people. Did she killed them. No. But she is willing to go prison for the crime. So much mystery still eludes me about it but Batman seem confident on finding who did it. For now that night, that moment is all about Bruce and Selina.


Catwoman convince Batman to turn her in the morning. The song Opposite Attracts from Paula Abdul comes to mind. The cat and mouse attraction is hypnotizing. The fun of this comic is how they tease us from each moment. So you have Batman and Catwoman actually having a date. Instead of a candle light dinner they busting criminal heads. Each moment have Catwoman getting real sexy with it. She teases Batman ever so closely. As the night goes on she flips the script on Batman. Instead of busting heads she is upside down and says this…

What is amazing is how Batman is determined to keep busy with crime while Catwoman is always there just being so carefree and full of spunk. Then when all the criminals are gone. When there is nothing else to steal and return. Bruce and Salina are faced with each other. With all of the sex innuendos building up that tension for an explosion of passion is left.

I didn’t see he pull out the “bat condom”. OH BOY! This issue is all about two human beings. Even the art direction reminds us of their human side. Not the Hero vs Villain of Gotham City. We got a good look into Bruce’s feelings for Selina. No more teasing. No more sexual tension. Just two people being free. An old tale reinvented for a new generation.

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