Battlefield 2042 is coming!

The long wait is over. FPS fans all over the world was getting tired of Call of Duty. Every year was another pile of crap. Yes we played it because literally there was nothing else for us to play. October 22, 2021 We getting a modern take this time around. Not like Battlefield V where was using old guns. There isn’t a singleplayer mode. Nope. Just straight up Multiplayer awesomeness. We all know that we ain’t playing Battlefield for the story.

Battlefield HYPE Trailer


No matter how you slice it this game will have me hooked like a crack addict. So much going on here that got me thinking I need to see how the gameplay will really be like. Cause we all know that this is all hype to get us to pre order. ( fun fact I already did ) Like a good drug dealer they been drip feeding the info. So they recently dropped the gameplay trailer that will give us an idea of how the game will flow.

Battlefield Gameplay Trailer

So much to unpack there

The one thing I want to point out is that gun customization can be done on the fly now. There is that. Also the amount of people on the field at one given time. They even going bionic commando with the grappling hook. Will this be the Modern Warfare / Warzone killer? Right now that free to play model is a cash cow everyone trying to get in on. Even the people who made Division making their own version up right now.

Battlefield V movement isn’t half bad. So I can imagine the way this will play out could be awesome. Won’t lie I am loving the way Modern Warfare movement controls. The sliding and the way it feels is just spot on. Will we have the same action pace here in battlefield? Well if Battlefield 3 and 4 had anything to do with it we may still have some hope here.

Battlefield 2042 Portal

So basically Portal is their “Game Editor” mode. Basically setup your own map rules and run it red. You see the different Battlefield games past and present going at it. I don’t know what to think about this until I get my hands on it and see the options available to me. They had a presentation about it but again they really didn’t go into detail about how it will be for us the gamer. Just a bunch of options to use but everything sounds good on paper until you get to feel it out for real.

I am hyped for the game already but as of late I am tired of all the trailers and hype. I just want something new to play. That COD with the LAG, CAMPERS AND CHEATERS running me ragged. Just know we have cross play and cross gen. Cross play is with old gen + old gen. New gen + new gen. So PS4 with Xbox One. PS5 with Xbox X Series. Now sure where PC lands in that category. All I know is dem backside is a bunch of hackers. Either way I am looking forward for this in October and will probably do highlights videos and stream it live with the HTKU clan!

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