I am a 2nd Generation Gamer. I was born on the release date of the Famicon Nintendo System. I love the gaming culture and live it. I especially love FPS games. The first time I played Goldeneye on my Nintendo 64 I was in love with the genre. I know it had Wolfenstine and Counterstrike at the time but all my friends was console babies. So that brought it to life with me. I also love RPG’s and Fighters. I can tolerate some RTS and Racing games.

My trade is a Computer Technician working for a very well know company in the British Virgin Islands. So you can call me a Geek. I don’t mind. I love to read Comic Books and love technology. I have a wife and son. They are my inspiration and drive for doing what I do everyday.

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  1. hello i was wondering where i can look for information regarding the support for tournaments i am gonna run a tournamente in tijuana mexico this may 25th and i was wondering where i can send the info so i can be a part of the VGX ?

    thank you so much


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