One Piece 736-737 Review

The wonderful world of One Piece. Since Naruto like pissing me off I strayed away once again and did a nice Sunday afternoon binge marathon. I had a lot of catching up and oh boy was it awesome! Let me do a little backdrop so far cause so much happened in these last bit of episodes... Continue Reading →

Naruto Shippuuden 456 Review

Hey fellow Naruto fans. I know most of us kinda already gotten tired of these fluff arc episodes and could do without them. Yet here we are with Itachi getting his turn with the fluff. Now I won't lie these episodes are pretty cool. Anything with Itachi is a watch in my book. Seeing his... Continue Reading →

Batman Bad Blood Spoiler Free Review

DC starting this year right! Hot off the press is another epic Batman animated masterpiece. Following close to the previous animated film Batman vs Robin things pick up along that time frame. If you haven't seen that yet well hurry and watch it. Now watching this won't mean you will be losing out in the... Continue Reading →

One Piece 711 Review

Lawdy been a hot minute since I wrote a One Piece review. Not that I don't like the show but it got me in a tight bind. I feel like I handing Naruto. But to be honest I have to do that sometimes. Naruto been acting stush. Right now things real hot in this episode!... Continue Reading →

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