Iron Banner Is Back!

It almost feel like the Banner was yesterday. To be honest The last Banner was insane!!! I got the god roll I been waiting for. This is what is going on for Iron Banner 7/19/16 to 7/26/16 Iron Banner Weapons Both weapons being sold by Lord Saladin during this Iron Banner have excellent rolls. If... Continue Reading →

Iron Banner is HERE!!!

Control is back!!! It’s a return to the good old Iron Banner. Control the zones to multiply your momentum toward victory. Y'all know this is the only reason man does play Destiny for!!! Here is the swag for the Iron Banner: Hand Cannons Machineguns Hunter Armor Titan Armor Warlock Armor PlayStation Armor Available from Lord Saladin:... Continue Reading →

Destiny April Update Preview

Good old Destiny. Seeing how half of my friend list is playing The Division right now I don't see the need to play Destiny. That will soon change (hopefully) with the new April update that will be coming 4/12/2016. Here is a list of things to come New content will be available to players of Destiny:... Continue Reading →

Iron Banner Returns!!! 1/27/16

Destiny players! Rejoice for the Banner is back! Now I know you thought jumping in it was gonna be Capture the Zone but BAZINGA! Rift in ya body! That is right! Rift Mode! I won't lie I hate Rift. But I ain't never backing down from the BANNER! This is where the boys get separated... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2.0 is LIVE

This game is a bad ting that always trying to get my attention. Check this out. I would say most of my friends done left this game. Repetitive. Boring. Uninspiring. Those are just a few words they used to describe Destiny. Yet here I am. Like a slave to the loving Destiny giving me. Even... Continue Reading →

Xur Location 8/21/14

Once again Xur have brought us another useful weapon. One that my boy Blake once used steady. Literally overtime we was in a pinch he pulled out the infamous….Thunderlord Look like Destiny trying to get everybody a taste of the most powerful weapons once again. This is their way of saying good bye to the... Continue Reading →

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