Overwatch Review

Fellow gamers. I finally got Overwatch.... I know I know game been out for a hot minute. Better late than never. So lets get to the meat of the matter. This isn't your FPS run and gun kind of game. This game is not about grinding to that high lvl. Nope. This is game is... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go first update

That is right fellow Pokemon trainers. The buzz for this game is insane! Although a rough start for many players (especially those not in the United States, Austraila and New Zealand) been experiencing difficulties. Well this update is here to change all of that. As you can see this update is gonna fix many issues... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Go impressions

Oh Pokemon GO....The game that had my hype to level 1000 is finally here. Available to Android and iOS you can download it right now. The joint project with Niantic, Nintendo brought over the highest selling IP franchise for mobile devices. Right now this is what most people are experiencing: Now in their defense the game... Continue Reading →

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