WWE #1 Comic Review

Well this is it. When I thought I have seen everything. The Then Now Forever one shot title picked up steam. So BOOM! studio followed up with WWE #1. It follows Seth Rollins as he climbs his way up to becoming the Champ. It gives us a candid look of the ins and outs of... Continue Reading →

Long Look District Block Party

Every Year we gather at the Long Look Park to have a community party with the residents of Long Look. Recently there has been a surge of crimes that left a bad vibe in the area. So to change the bad stigma residents banded together before the new year to celebrate life, friendships, fun and... Continue Reading →

Civil War II #7 Review

Where is Tony Stark? Marvel Universe right now is going through another Civil War. There is an Inhuman that can see the future…sort of. So Captain Marvel is on her “Minority Report” vibe right now. She made it her business to get anyone in those predictions before they supposedly commit any of the crimes. Which... Continue Reading →

NBA 2K17 Tournament Showdown 2016

Hey fellow gamers! Once again Carib Gamer hosted a fund raising Video Game event for the Alexandrina Maduro Primary School. The competition was stiff but at the end the victor the spoils!! It is always a pleasure to bring back what made gaming so popular. The feeling you get when you play against someone right... Continue Reading →

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