Batman #14: Review

After the Bane arc and everything is slowing down. We have Batman and Catwoman on the rooftops. This comic is a breath of fresh air. Literally. Batman just broke out of Santa Prisca Prison. Broke Bane's back.... (LOL) but still have to take Selina Kyle to prison for killing 237 people. Did she killed them.... Continue Reading →

Sing (2016) Movie Review

This holiday season the movie Sing was an unexpected surprise for me. Not only did it made me laugh but it was a constant reminder to always to "JUST DO IT". It is a modern-day city of anthropomorphic animals almost that of Zootopia. Matthew McConaughey is a koala who owns a struggling musical theater that he’s trying to revive... Continue Reading →

Super Mario Run Review

Nintendo has done it again. It brought one of its beloved IP to the mobile gaming industry. Super Mario Run has been out and I got the time to play this game. I personally had a rocky start. Seeing how I was jailbroken and only updated to the new iOS 10 I was still signed... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 1 Review

Taking it Old School If you are looking for a game that don’t have a Sci-fi tone, double jump, hanging off walls, uneven maps and a solid boots to ground action. Look no further. Battlefield 1 is what you’ve been craving for. At the core of the game you have a solid shooter that had... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad Movie Review

So much hate for DC movies. After Batman Vs Superman critics lined them up to fail. I won’t lie I didn’t think this movie was gonna be any good. So I didn’t go in thinking much but that soon changed. Short Version: Good popcorn movie. Not a fan of the Joker. There is Humor and... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Review

Fellow gamers. I finally got Overwatch.... I know I know game been out for a hot minute. Better late than never. So lets get to the meat of the matter. This isn't your FPS run and gun kind of game. This game is not about grinding to that high lvl. Nope. This is game is... Continue Reading →

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