Battlefield 2042 is coming!

The long wait is over. FPS fans all over the world was getting tired of Call of Duty. Every year was another pile of crap. Yes we played it because literally there was nothing else for us to play. October 22, 2021 We getting a modern take this time around. Not like Battlefield V where... Continue Reading →

The Emotional Targets Information

The 1st and most critical part writing a fantastic background composition will be to realize the question. In addition, outlook of various author on the same matter can likewise be got through a compilation of documents. The conclusion is simply to re Fresh your composition within the readers's thoughts. Article writing is the biggest component... Continue Reading →

Cheater or Hacker?

CHEATER (Noun): a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage. We know that the world doesn’t care for persons who cheat in relationships, or sports...but what about video games? If you grew up in the days of cartridges, you know that there were popular cheats built into games that were almost a... Continue Reading →

Boondocks “Pretty Boy” Review

They're Back!!!!! For a while there I thought they wasn't coming back. With episodes like Booty Warrior Johnson and Thug Loving...I thought they was gonna be put off the air. Praise the white Jesus they have return. Uncle Ruckus, Grand Dad and the whole gang is back. Usually I am not a fan of people... Continue Reading →

So once again I have the honour of thanking my local internet provider for the blackout. Nonetheless I am back and popping. So Saturday we had a very interesting episode of Doctor Who. There wasn't a bad guy per say. He was just a very confused and dangerous alien from Mars. Now here is the... Continue Reading →

Assassin Creed 3 Review

I now most gamers saw the reviews of this game on many websites. Some praising it as the best thing since slice cheese. Well to be honest I got this game as it dropped via Day One Digital Download from PSN. So like many gamers I jumped in the AC world head first. So like... Continue Reading →

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