Gravity Rush Review

Hey my fellow PS Vita owners. I know we have been in a drought for a minute. I know the latest patch that allow us to play PS One games allowed us to play Final Fantasy 7. I stumbled upon this PS Vita exclusive game. I saw tons of reviews for this game and thought... Continue Reading →

Total Recall 2012 Review

My fellow gamer heads. I took it upon myself to go watch this instead of Batman over the August vacation. Yes. I know you guys are waiting for a Batman review. I will do that this weekend. Promise. So was this movie any good? Is it worth the dollar of admission? So as you know... Continue Reading →

Google Chromebook Review

So far this chromebook is everything I need for keeping organized both online and offline. It helps me become more productive by allowing me to sync seamless with all my devices. It didn't hurt that I own an Android phone. The real test will begin when  I start work. Offline So far the offline apps work without a... Continue Reading →

Amazing Spiderman Review

After The Avengers movie I was quite excited about this iconic character from Marvel. The Amazing Spiderman is a direct cut out of the original 1976 classic comic book. No I didn't google that info. I really am a great comic book fan. SO what did we get from this movie. Is it worth the... Continue Reading →

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