Batman #14: Review

After the Bane arc and everything is slowing down. We have Batman and Catwoman on the rooftops. This comic is a breath of fresh air. Literally. Batman just broke out of Santa Prisca Prison. Broke Bane's back.... (LOL) but still have to take Selina Kyle to prison for killing 237 people. Did she killed them.... Continue Reading →

Batman Bad Blood Spoiler Free Review

DC starting this year right! Hot off the press is another epic Batman animated masterpiece. Following close to the previous animated film Batman vs Robin things pick up along that time frame. If you haven't seen that yet well hurry and watch it. Now watching this won't mean you will be losing out in the... Continue Reading →

Why!?!?!?! Why must I suffer this amount of pain this weekend. What cruel soul didn't fulfill his end of the bargain and bring to us on this stale flat weekend no entertainment. I was so excited to check to see if my long awaited movie to be on the list of things to show this weekend. To... Continue Reading →

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