Battlefield 4 New FREE DLC

After Black Ops 3 Beta I had to get the taste of COD out of my mouth. Lucky for me I got an email from Dice telling me the new Night Operations Maps are available for download. Now if you are still familiar with the crap fest that was Battlefield 4 then you know they... Continue Reading →

Carib Gamer Top 5 of 2013

The internet does this every year. As a new year is coming we like to create a list of best and worst _______ you fill the blank. Well for me I am a gamer so you know what I am going to talk about. What games of 2013 made my thumbs sweat with excitement. So... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 4 Class

While at work I got this pic from my Google + feed. Yes I check Google +. Instantly I thought about the amount of hours I will be sinking in this game. I already know the two classes that will be used steady. B and C. Seeing that the assault class is the new medic.... Continue Reading →

Weapon Attachment Review BF4

Today is Battlefield day. Don't ask me why but I just feel like it. DooM49 uploaded a very informative video about what we should be expecting with the weapon attachments in Battlefield 4. The game is shaping up to be one hell of a game. I am just glad to see it being part of... Continue Reading →

BF4 Gamescom Details

Starting off on the right foot the boys at Dice gave us a sweet peek into one of the levels of Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm. I can already taste the salt water and blood from that level. Everything I could want in a sea battle is there. A lot of thought went into these levels... Continue Reading →

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